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Written by: on July 16, 2010 @ 7:21 am

At the climax of the American Presidential election you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing a huge amount of people celebrating Barack Obamas victory. Every channel you flicked to was broadcasting pictures of people in Washington who in some cases had travelled 14 hours to see the new President get sworn in. Almost every person who was celebrating this historic event was wearing a t shirt, cap, or badge that showed their allegiance to the new incoming president.

Obama’s campaign for President was highly commended much of the media for its clever use of several under used tactics. This involved campaigning in smaller overlooked states and heavy use of the internet to build word of mouth. To back this up promotional items were used to help turn his supporters into walking billboards, further backing up his campaign and helping establish him as a serious contender.

A web shop was used on his campaign website for people could sign up and purchase items that help them show their allegiance to the candidate. A wide range of products from bumper stickers to clothing were available, all bearing his campaign name, slogan and logo. These promotional items helped to spread the word of Obama, ensuring that his campaign slogan “Change can happen” was pushed into the forefront of the minds of every person who saw it. It just goes to show, promotional items can be a great tool in helping reinforce peoples belief in your product, your brand, or your presidential campaign.

Obama Badge

Obama is by no means the first American President to have used promotional items to help him to an election win. In fact one of the very first promotional items ever used was the button badge, used by George Washington in 1789 to help him win the first of his two terms as president. Promotional badges have since become a staple of American elections, with people proudly wearing theirs to display their allegiance to their party.

Even with Obama now in the office some people are still purchasing promotional items with his name on. You can even find unofficial products such as an Obama action figure, Obama chocolates and even Obama Pyjamas!

So if promotional items prove effective for a president, why wouldn’t they be for you? Items such as badges make a great giveaway, and just like a campaigner shows their support for a candidate, your customers or staff will be showing their support for your brand every time they wear them.

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