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Written by: on February 23, 2012 @ 9:00 am

When looking at purchasing some branded goods for your company you may wish to take into account a number of factors such as how much it costs, how often it will be used, how many people will see it, how long it will last. When you take these factors into account there’s one product that often figures high above the rest – promotional mugs.

Boost Your Brand

Printed mugs may be one of the most cost effective promotional products. While a pen or a mouse-mat may come at a lower price, the humble mug will far outlast them as an item that gives a boost to your brand. You will often see people discard other promotional items quite quickly, because they’re unneeded or served their purpose, but promotional mugs stay round the office for months, sometimes even years longer.

This is down to the fact that the mug is a functional object that people will seek out to use. Rather than being sat around not being used, people will make use of your promotional item every time they brew up. Whether its people in your own office using your corporate branded items, or people you’ve given the mugs to as a promotional gift, the mugs will keep promoting.

It doesn’t just promote to the person drinking their tea from it, everyone who passes by their desk will notice the mug, and anyone who speaks to them during the course of the day will see the mug sat there. The mug will inevitably be carried round, either to and from the kettle, or to meetings, again getting out there and promoting. The smell of coffee will draw the eye, and before they realize they’ve glimpsed your logo and the mug has done its promotional work again.

A Mug to Suit Everyone

Perhaps the greatest thing about promotional mugs is the variety of choice it opens up to you. You can choose from a fatter and wider bell mug for those mornings where you can’t get enough of the smell of coffee, a cafe latte mug for ‘coffee connoisseurs’, or a more traditional style Sparta earthenware mug for a good old fashioned cup of tea.

You can even choose which side of the mug to print on. Want your logo facing out when it’s held in the drinkers right hand? Or facing the drinker? It’s totally up to you. Want the mug in your corporate colours, or do you wish to have a full colour photo printed onto the mug – with the diversity of promotional mugs the choice is yours.

So if you’re looking for a long lasting promotional item that works for you, then you can’t go far wrong with the promotional mug, an item that gives you all the choice you need at a cost effective price.

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