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Written by: on October 19, 2012 @ 9:16 am

Wheelie Bin Pen Pot

It is no secret that the UK has recently picked up a massive effort to save and protect the environment. According to FSC-uk.org, an area half the size of the UK is cleared of natural forests each year. More and more businesses are doing their bit by insulating their premises, planting trees, using solar or wind turbine energy, and most commonly recycling their waste. It is fair to say that all this effort usually always has cost implications to implement processes and purchase equipment and installation. This is why it is important for a business to reap the benefits of their economical actions and promote their environmental and social responsibilities.

What better way to do this than get the audience involved with the eco fever themselves. Recycled and sustainable materials are the perfect choice when considering an ethical marketing campaign and to ensure your company is recognised for its contribution to ensuring the environment is protected through ethical production and processes. At Logo X we offer a wide range of Environmental and Recycled Promotional Products from recycled Stationary, Writing Equipment to Mugs and Home items, Bags, Umbrellas, Key Rings and Sports Equipment.

Jute Blossom

By choosing printed promotional products from our recycled range, you are choosing items that are manufactured using considerably less energy than new products made from raw materials. That is why at Logo X we offer a wide variety of ethical printed promotional products made from a huge variety of recycled sustainable materials, from the usual recycled paper, card and plastic to the more interesting and just as valuable waste: denim, tyres, lunch trays and bank notes. At Logo X we also offer a range of products made from sustainable materials such as sustainable timber, natural cotton, bamboo and plant extract.  And if it’s green your thinking about we also offer a range of Flowers and Seeds with your company name and logo printed to ensure exposure of your business doing its part to help the environment keep its green colour.

Grass Garden in a Tin

Measuring your Carbon footprint has also become big in the steps to both big companies and individuals themselves cutting down on the damage we do to the earth. This is why at Logo X we love ‘The Water Pebble’ which acts like a traffic light at the plug of the shower and indicates to the user when their time is up! Using this in the shower means less use of both water and energy. If you purchase the Water Pebble from us you can have the package and instructions as well as the pebble printed with your logo to expose your goals to reducing your carbon footprint by helping others reduce theirs with you.

Waterpebble Shower Timer

So whatever the message you want to promote about your company, make it an ethical one with something from our Recycled and Eco Products range, we are bound to have the product that is right for your promotion at Logox.co.uk



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