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Written by: on November 5, 2012 @ 9:02 am

These Logo-Chargers and Brand-Chargers are dual port USB car chargers that are specially designed with a highly visible branding area which communicates your brand. 90% of all handheld devices have USB connectivity and the Logo visibility paired with function and practicality here makes this product one of the favourites for promotional merchandise choices that will be used time after time.


Get unlimited play and standby time with Logo-Chargers and Brand-Chargers that sit flush in your dash board. Charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Galaxy Tab, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC or any other mobile device like GPS systems, gaming devices by plugging them into the USB sockets on the device. These devices are portable and convenient to keep all your devices powered on the road by simply turning your car or boats 12V outlet or cigarette lighter into a universal charging station for all your mobile USB-powered devices.

Logo Charger

The Logo-Charger has a high quality gloss finish and LED illuminated ring which lights up your logo so it is always looking its best when in use and gives it the ultimate attention it deserves, day or night.

The Logo-Chargers are available in 4 standard colours: White, Black, Red and Blue, but if these colours don’t suit your needs, we can produce them to any Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS) colour if you order 2000 or more.

If you have a passenger that gets jealous of your gadget, there is no need to argue and fight over it, because there are 2 USB ports on this device so it can be shared!


If you’re thinking of a device like this for a gift or ultimate promotional activity, there’s nothing better than the BrandCharger1 and BrandCharger2. These alternatives to the Logo-Chargers come in completely customised packaging with your logo and address details all over the packaging and charger device, the user will definitely gain positive brand recognition from you.

Brand Charger 1

The main difference you will notice between the Brand-Chargers 1 and 2, is that the Brand-Charger 1 presents your logo facing you if you point the plug of the device down to the floor. The Brand-Charger 2 however, faces your logo to the sky when the plug is pointing to the floor.

Brand Charger 2

When ordering one of our brand chargers you can even choose to include a 1M USB cable with attachments for the Samsung G600, Samsung D900, Nokia, mini USB, micro USB type A and micro USB type B. Like the Logo-Charger, these Brand-Chargers have an LED display to enhance the brand experience of your logo The Brand-Charger 1s are available in 4 standard colours: White, Black, Red and Blue, but the Brand-Charger 2 only comes in a standard Black. However, both Brand-Chargers are available in custom PMS colours as well.


So if your looking for a promotional merchandise idea that is innovative and unique, with the average commuter spending 45 minutes in their car everyday, our range of car charging devices are perfect for getting both driver and passenger engaging in a positive brand experience each day. Look at our full range of promotional merchandise at LogoX.co.uk today!

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