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Written by: on November 19, 2012 @ 12:32 pm

This is very exciting news for us at Logo X. Logo X is expanding into the US market, with the launch of our LogoX.com site and the opening of two brand new offices in California, one in San Jose and another in San Diego. Our services have been so successful in the UK that we are going to take our expertise to all 50 states in the US and provide promotional merchandise to a wider audience.

The US promotional merchandise market is in need of a British touch in customer service and with the Logo X feel good factor we will introduce a new service for buying promotional merchandise.

Having an office in the US not only benefits the US market with our expertise in promotional merchandise and customer service, but it will also benefit the UK market. If you have an office in both countries it will enable you to keep better track of your integrated marketing in both countries to ensure your branding and promotions remain universal.

Widening our suppliers and contacts by having offices in both countries will also mean we can introduce new products and ideas between the two markets.

We plan to introduce UK Recycled Products to the US market to meet the new demand for companies to lower their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient. The US will benefit from better access to items that have been very popular in the UK, such as Recycled Bags, Pens, Stationary, Umbrellas, Caps and Lanyards.

The UK can also benefit from products available in the US that we can bring over to the UK such as the M&M business cards and other innovative ideas that the UK market has not yet seen,  to help your company stand out. So keep your eyes open for some brand new innovative promotional products that we will be launching in the UK and make sure you tell your US offices about our success in the UK.

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