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Written by: on November 22, 2012 @ 9:10 am

iPhone Trumpets


The iPhone Trumpet is a funky new promotional product, designed to get your logo heard, not just seen! The iPhone Trumpet amplifies music from your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S so your iTunes music is louder and better than ever. Much like your iPod docking station, it makes sure the whole room is looking for the source of sound. There is no need for any external power, which is good news for those who never remember just where the full pack of batteries keeps going!

The iPhone Trumpet is pocket size at just 106mm so it is great for taking out with you anywhere and everywhere!

You can hold or stand your iPhone in the device either vertically or horizontally, so it looks like either a trumpet or a gramophone to suit the type of classical or jazzy music you’re playing. Alternatively you may like the way it accommodates for the different viewing options Apple offer, are you the one who prefers to view your media in a list so you can see what’s up next? Others prefer the album artwork on display with the iPhone in the horizontal direction.

After all the fun you have with this toy, you think your about to end the party and recharge your iPhone battery. This device thinks of everything to keep your attention, as there is even an additional opening at the bottom (or side depending on the direction you hold it) for your iPhone charger.

So the only thing left for you to decide is what you want to print on it and what colour iPhone Trumpet best suits your logo. We offer a choice of four standard colours: Black, Blue, Red and White, but if these aren’t the colours your business operate with, you can pantone match your Trumpet to the colour that best suits your brand, so people can really keep focused on your brand recognition.

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