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Written by: on November 26, 2012 @ 9:21 am

Monza Pens

In the run up to the New Year it can be hard to get your brand noticed in the competitive environment where all your rivals are showing their high profile advertisements on the television or in the newspaper. These are expensive promotions that can be difficult to fit into your budget toward the end of the year.

If your budget is tight after all the summer promotions, or your under pressure to offer low prices to customers to meet low budgets they’re facing, you might think there is not enough outstanding funds for any more promotion this year. If you’re thinking this, then think again because at Logo X we offer all types of budget promotional giveaways to encourage brand recognition throughout the festive season that are sure to stand out from the rest. Have you ever though about a simple promotional item such as the Printed Promotional Pen.

We have a range of Special Offer Pens branded with your logo and company details, at a price to celebrate about this festive season. With Special Offer Pens from 20p, you can keep promoting over the busy festive season without worrying about budgets or prices. These Special offer pens are high quality and are in available in a range of colours, in plastic or metal.


A popular plastic pen is the Como Pen which has a translucent plastic spring design around a silver interior and come in purple green or blue.

Como Pens


If you’re after an executive metal pen, on a tiny budget, then the Kensington Pens are the perfect choice. Kensington pens are nice and heavy so you know the quality is there, and you can choose from a range of metal colours.

Kensington Pens

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