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Written by: on December 3, 2012 @ 9:57 am

Castelli Maldive Pocket


Diaries are tangible and make it easier to plan ahead. A lot of people will argue that they are outdated because we can now all use the calendar on our iPhone or Blackberry, but traditional paper diaries are still flying off the shelves toward the end of the year.


Having a traditional diary for scheduling appointments is better than using your mobile because you can take it into meetings and conferences without giving the impression you are reading texts, searching emails or on social media sites when you are looking at your phone. Another advantage of a tangible diary is that you can always access it, and never have to worry about information getting deleted when your phone software is updated, and there’s never a worry that you don’t know if you are able to make an event because your battery has died and there is no other way to check your schedule. A traditional diary also allows you to bookmark certain pages with a ribbon for easy access to the page you turn to most.

Castelli Colombia A5 Diary

So with all these advantages of organising your work and personal schedule in one diary, making sure all your colleagues have corporate diaries as their company Christmas gift this year, can mean better production and time management in 2013. You may also consider buying promotional diaries as a promotional giveaway to your customers or clients to make sure they schedule a meeting with you about future operations.


You can get paper diaries in several sizes, the most popular two we offer at Logo X are the Castelli Pocket diary and the Castelli Quarto diary which have a portrait view with a week to each two pages, the pocket diary is smaller at 80 x 170mm and the Quarto is larger at 210 x 260mm. Look at our full range of promotional diaries and corporate diaries today at LogoX.co.uk.

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