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Promotional Pens on a Tight Budget

In the run up to the New Year it can be hard to get your brand noticed in the competitive environment where all your rivals are showing their high profile advertisements on the television or in the newspaper. These are expensive promotions that can be difficult to fit into your budget toward the end of [...]

Ecological Marketing – Environmentally Friendly Promotional Merchandise to suit all you needs

It is no secret that the UK has recently picked up a massive effort to save and protect the environment. According to FSC-uk.org, an area half the size of the UK is cleared of natural forests each year. More and more businesses are doing their bit by insulating their premises, planting trees, using solar or [...]

Printed Prodir Pens for you

Looking for promotional pens you can really trust? We have products from the big names in pens, such as Senator, Prodir, Papermate, and Parker, all available on our website. One pen that really looks great and comes in a wide range of options is the Printed Prodir DS3, pictured above. The great thing about a [...]

Promotional Pens for your business

Looking forĀ  Promotional Items? Then you’ve probably considered a promotional pen. There is a wide range to choose from – Printed Plastic Pens, Executive Metal Pens to Luxury Pens, Eco Friendly Pens, or even pen sets, all available printed or engraved with your logo. Pens are an all time favourite to be used in marketing [...]

Why Printed Pens Are Promotional Favorites

When you take a look around to see if you have any promotional items sat on your desk, it’s no surprise that many of you will find a promotional pen from an event you attended, or that you were sent from a client. Pens have been a favourite item for promoting for many years now, [...]