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Promotional Golf Items for your Event

With the sun just starting to come out, and some weathermen even reporting we are due for the hottest summer in years, you may be considering purchasing promotional items for summer events. One event that always seems to be popular at this time of year is a golfing day, as these allow you to gather [...]

Why Printed Pens Are Promotional Favorites

When you take a look around to see if you have any promotional items sat on your desk, it’s no surprise that many of you will find a promotional pen from an event you attended, or that you were sent from a client. Pens have been a favourite item for promoting for many years now, [...]

Promotional Items Vs TV Advertising

With daily news updates about the credit crunch it is no surprise that you might be worried about the upcoming year and considering abandoning plans to use promotional items; instead looking to focus your marketing budget on other initiatives. However, before allocating your budget give some thought to the power of promotional items… One of [...]

Barack Obama and Promotional Items

At the climax of the American Presidential election you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing a huge amount of people celebrating Barack Obamas victory. Every channel you flicked to was broadcasting pictures of people in Washington who in some cases had travelled 14 hours to see the new President get sworn in.